June 10, 2016 0 Comments Obsessing

This week’s distractions: 10 June


Garbage are back! Image from Garbage's Facebook page

We've got all bases covered this week – something to read, something to listen to and something that we guarantee will make you laugh. We're so good to you. Read on for the best ways to while away your evening.

  • Bryony Gordon's article on how her mental health has affected her relationships is honest, emotional and beautifully written. Her new book, Mad Girl, explores her relationship with OCD and depression - subjects we firmly believe it's important to discuss openly - in more detail.
  • Apparently there's some football thing starting this weekend? Jokes! We're fully prepared for the next few weeks of Euro madness thanks to this beautiful letterpress wall planner from Glory. The print edition is now sold out but you can still download the PDF version free of charge. Parallel's limited edition schedule poster is also pretty damn sexy.
  • As fun as watching the matches will be, we're most excited at the prospect of arm-crossing footballers returning. This was our favourite thing about the World Cup and we've got our fingers crossed they'll bring it back for the Euros coverage because it's our everything.
  • Ok, this one comes with a warning: do not listen to this podcast in public unless you're willing to put up with strangers staring at you because you're snort-laughing and crying a little. My Dad Wrote a Porno is, well, fairly self-explanatory - Jamie Morton's dad wrote a porno (the intoxicatingly-titled Belinda Blinked) and with the help of friends Alice Levine and James Cooper, he's read it to the nation. It's been such a success that they're doing a second series, starting on 4 July, where they read through the much-anticipated second novel, so you've still got time to catch up. #pomegranates.
  • If we were to choose an album from our teenage years that shaped us, Garbage's debut would be up there. We've been massive fans ever since so we're super excited that their sixth album Strange Little Birds is out today and also streaming on Spotify.