September 23, 2016 0 Comments Obsessing

This week’s distractions: 23 September

The Modern House

Image from The Modern House

We've had a very busy (how on-brand), exciting week. But this never stops us finding time to have a good old scout around the interwebs. Here are our favourite links this week.

  • Oh my. This whole site is full of some of the most dreamy modern residential architecture in Britain. We've been imaginary house shopping all week. Anyone got a few million they can lend us?
  • After picking up her amazing Tattoo Eyeliner the last time we were in the states, and being very sad once it ran out, we're very excited that Kat Von D's makeup range is now available in the UK, at Debenhams online, and with no crazy postage/customs charges.
  • Passengers stars two of our favourite people, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt. The first trailer was released this week and shows the pair have amazing chemistry and the film looks like it will be exciting.
  • One of the important life skills you need to learn is obviously folding towels into animals. Peak adulting.

We're hoping to have a quiet weekend reading our latest Classics Challenge novel, Rebecca. As always, let us know if you've seen any links you think we'd enjoy!