September 30, 2016 0 Comments Obsessing

This week’s distractions: 30 September


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Hello again Friday! This week's been a bit of a blur for us so we're glad to have some time to chill out this weekend and get some life admin done. Who are we kidding we'll totally be lying on the sofa watching Netflix with food on our faces. Here's a list of cool stuff to look at when you're pretending to be productive too.

  • Snotgirl is the first monthly comic we've subscribed to and we're loving it so far. Even better, co-creator Leslie Hung has started creating playlists to go along with it. Listen to the first one here.
  • This article pretty much sums up why knowing what foods are actually good for you and the environment is a total minefield.
  • Louis Theroux has produced some of the best documentaries on the most difficult subjects over the years (as well as arguably one of the best raps of all time). His new scientology film looks brilliant — take a look at the trailer above.

Have a great weekend!