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This week’s distractions: 4 November

Black Mirror: San Junipero

Image from Netflix

Hello strangers! We haven't been around for a few weeks because we both decided to treat ourselves to holidays to Iceland. (Not together, although that would have been the dream if our boyfriends hadn't gotten in the way). Good ol' Easyjet and their cheap October flights.

We're putting together a couple of posts summing up our time in Iceland which we'll be publishing soon but, in the meantime, here's our pick of the internet this week.

  • Pixar. Always messing with our emotions. Their latest short Piper was shown in cinemas before Finding Dory but if you didn't get chance to see it you can watch it here. We think it's one of the best ones they've done in a while.
  • As pointed out in this article, introversion is a huge reason why people like us begin working for themselves. But running your own business has its own set of challenges for introverts too.
  • Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror is back and if you haven't watched it, we'd highly recommend you do. Our favourite episode was definitely the emotional nostalgia-fest San Junipero, packed with the kind of 80s tracks you hear and shout 'I LOVED THIS SONG' at. Luckily, Charlie Brooker has put together a Spotify playlist of the songs used in the episode, along with a few others to dance around to.
  • Daniel Dalton (yes him again what of it) speaks to Daniel Egnéus about the illustrations he's created for the new editions of Neil Gaiman's American Gods series, released ahead of the new TV series.
  • We adored Alexander McQueen’s work and were lucky enough to visit the exhibition of his life’s work last year where we may have cried a little. This article is a lovely round up of why he was so special.

It's like we were never away <3