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Game of Thrones: Episode 10 – The Winds of Winter

Daenerys heads for Westeros

Daenerys heads for Westeros; the world sighs with relief. Image from HBO

Phew. Another series of Game of Thrones over with and geez, what a rollercoaster ride it's been. Before it started, there was concern that diverting from the books would leave the show rudderless and that the storytelling might suffer. Yes, there were a few dubious moments *cough* Dorne *cough*, but now the dust has settled (all over King's Landing) it's clear that we needn't have worried - this is one of the most accomplished series so far; maybe even the best.

And this episode? Well, it was just the icing on the cake.

Jo: It was so good. So, so, so good.

Nicki: Oh the music, the story, the cinematography. Hats off directors.

Jo:Everything about it made perfect sense. And Cersei’s outfit <3 Like a warrior queen.

Nicki: She was like, get wildfire set up. Check. Get some amazing couture fashion design done. Check.

Jo:Have some wine while people burn, check.

Nicki: We predicted Tommen wouldn’t make it either, but man that was such a sad way to go. Guess he had far more of a conscience than any other Lannister?

Jo: Cersei took everything from him, it was all he could do.

Nicki: Never expected to feel that sad about it! So beautifully framed and shot.

Jo: I didn’t feel as sad because I was waiting for him to die/be killed. I KNEW he wasn't making it out of this one alive. But yes, the framing of it was brilliant. BYE TOMMEN.


Tommen bringing a new meaning to King's Landing.

Nicki: And we lost Margaery too, and her brother and father. We’ll never know if she actually had a plan.

Jo: I thought for a small moment she’d get out in time but there was no way she was escaping that explosion. I was more sad about her dying; Margaery was one of my favourites.

Nicki: Yeah, it was a sad way for her to go. I cannot stop thinking about that piece of music and how they managed to use it throughout the episode. Beautiful. It set a bittersweet tone throughout.

Jo:It is beautiful. All of the music was used brilliantly through this ep.

Baby manbun confirmed

Nicki: We had it confirmed: R + L = J!

Jo: Well, it confirmed the L part. We finally know Jon is definitely Lyanna's son.

Nicki: Ha, true. I just assumed the soldiers confirmed the R part. Wonder if it was possible to understand it purely from the TV show and nothing else?

Jo: I’d think so. I’m sure there have been conversations about Rhaegar and Lyanna in earlier seasons.

Nicki: Tiny serious baby Jon.

Jo: Much pouting.

Nicki: Much wrinkled brow. Shame they didn't put a little tiny curly wig on him.

Jo: Tiny manbun?



Jo: So Jaime is pissed at Cersei and arguably for a more valid reason than in the books (where he finds out she's been with other men).

Nicki: He looked pretty terrified.

Jo: Well, to go away for a few weeks only to find out your sister’s blown up the city and killed a lot of people is prob a bit of a shock. “So what happened while I was at Riverrun?” “Not much. Killed everyone. Blew up the sept. Tommen’s dead as well btw. Got some kickass new outfits.”

Nicki: “Plus this new headgear and chair. Pretty sweet huh?” She got some ‘shame’ in too, but sadly minus the bell.

Jo: Oh I loved that scene. So horrible but totally cemented Cersei as the baddie we need. Her whole “I drink because it feels good” confession to Septa Unella and then this, which was just so chilling: This is Ser Gregor Clegane. He's quiet, too. Your gods have forsaken you. This is your god now. It's her screaming, f*** you I'm happy with who I am!

Nicki: I enjoy SHAME you guys! Thinking about the fact that Melisandre bumping into Cersei might be likely next season, after she was banished south.

Jo: Yeah, it'll be interesting to see where Mel ends up. Poor Davos, we haven't mentioned him but that whole scene was great.

Nicki: He was actually shaking with rage.

Sam discovers the library

The Citadel library, AKA the dream. Image from Imgur.

Jo: Sam’s face when he went into the library. That would be us, yes? So many books. If I were him I’d hide out there forever.

Nicki: Same Sam, same. Pure book joy. Gilly who? I’ll just be making a start here.

Jo: Curious to see what comes of his Oldtown storyline. It doesn’t seem as important in the books but then it was left fairly open. Sure Sam will be important, just can’t see how at the moment.

Nicki: They’ll need him for something but I’ve no guess as to what?

Jo: He’s separate from the other main characters. I’m guessing he’ll be the one to find knowledge to help defeat the White Walkers? We’ve got a long wait to find out!

Nicki: I guess? He’s got some reading to do before then. He’ll have possibly finished all of those books before George R R Martin finishes writing his one though.

Jo: And before Euron finishes his ships.

Nicki: Dany has many ships now. I think Euron will require a new plan.

Jo: Yup, especially now she has Dorne and what’s left of the Tyrell army supporting her. Oh, and poor Daario, friendzoned at the very end. After all his taunting of Jorah.

Nicki: Daario - Friendzone 2.0. He gets to hang out at Meereen.

Jo: “Oh but you’re the BEST at looking after cities Daario, that’s why you should stay here and look after it for me. All the way over this side of the world. Forever.”

“PS. Don’t call.”

Nicki: “I may have to marry someone, you know whatevs.”

Jo: “And, this is awkward, but… I mean, we both know it’s not gonna be you. Soz.”

Nicki: There was one worrying moment when I thought Tyrion was going to propose marriage.

Jo: I thought that scene was sweet. Hand of the Queen! He’s finally got someone he admires and wants to help. Though it does seem to happen a lot with her.

Nicki: Plus he may of course be a relation too if you buy into the three-headed dragon theory. People are saying they all have the fact their mothers died in child birth in common.

Jo: I have my doubts. I don’t feel like it’s been explored enough up until now to be a sure thing.

Nicki: I know, but suppose there is one dragon left that needs a rider.

Jo: Bran is on his way down. He could warg a dragon, hitch a lift. He was told that he’d never walk, but that he would fly...

Dorne, but not as we know it

Nicki: Varys rocked up in Dorne!

Jo: Finally giving the Sand Snakes a scene that wasn't fist-bitingly bad.

Nicki: Olenna just telling them all to shut up and let older ladies speak, lol.

Jo: Another favourite line: “What’s your name? Barbaro?”

Nicki: He he.

Jo: It leapt all over this week. Varys made it over to Dorne and back onto Dany's boats; Arya teleported to the Riverlands; Jaime made it back to King’s Landing in time for the coronation.

Nicki: Yeah things happened slowly and carefully in the first half of the episode then suddenly sped up.

Jo: Let's talk about Sansa and Littlefinger and his lame attempt to put the moves on her.

Nicki: Eurgh and his face at the end when they all proclaimed Jon King in the North. Sansa was like, oh shit.

Jo: That doesn’t fit with his pretty picture of them ruling from King’s Landing.

Nicki: He just wants to be king you guys… is that too much to ask. He has no parentage but he can get you a nice hawk.

Jo: Imagine Littlefinger in his carriage, wearing a fancy cloak, daydreaming about sitting on the throne and Sansa being with him. Casually doodling her name on a scroll.

Nicki: Ha! Never mind the whole mother/daughter creep-factor Littlefinger!

Jo:It’s like he’s looked at Sansa now and thought, ‘meh, close enough'

Ok, we didn't see that coming

Jo: Cersei getting the Iron Throne. We knew she was planning to blow the place up but she took out EVERYONE. I didn’t think it through far enough to her taking charge. I love what she’s become - this evil Queen ruling over a city of terrified people and ash.

Nicki: It’s like we’ve got through all the minor evils and are now ready for the boss level. She’s kind of mutated too over the course of the seasons and what’s happened to her.

Jo: She showed almost no reaction at the sight of Tommen. I think she’s accepted her fate now.

Nicki: You want evil. I’ll show you evil.

Jo: What else? Mel being banished.

Nicki: Did you assume Jon would kill her or let her stay?

Jo: I was wondering if she’d be killed. After seeing clips of how angry Davos was I thought it might convince Jon.

Nicki: Yeah I assumed she'd be killed. She’s old, which we now know, and played her part, and Jon is very honourable. We also got a surprise Arya!

Jo: Haha, yeah, we weren't sure where she was heading, although the credits gave it away. Tbh, as soon as the serving girl started looking at Jaime oddly I guessed it was her.

Nicki: I was too busy looking out to see if the Stark wolf was back on Winterfell during the credits!

Jo: It is! I liked them including the Frey pies, nice way of bringing in a book story (albeit with a different character).

Nicki: Yes that was satisfying. But not the pies, ew they are not satisfying.

We totally called it

Jo: Cersei. WILDFIRE!

Nicki: Yes! Not without clues but we predicted much death and no shits from Cersei. Maybe not quite as vicious but we knew she would be the mad one.

Jo: I was expecting the sept to go up. It was magnificent.

Nicki: It really was. We knew Tommen was a goner too - in fact I think you called that one before the season?

Jo: I did, he was on my list. I didn't think it would be in that way though.

Nicki: We predicted the conclusion of Tower of Joy but weren’t sure they’d show the baby. And no Night's King at all.

Jo: Nope, obviously the White Walkers are being saved up for next season.

Nicki: Nice to have a few little surprises along the way, but mostly just a satisfying season for the fans.

Jo: It really was. It did feel different to the others, I think because the show runners are out on their own now. It’s cleaner, rather than trying to weave together book plots and make them fit in a shorter space. And things are wrapping up, which is something we’re not used to.

Nicki: Yes, far more of a complete season.

Jo: It’s on another level now. Those last two episodes are like nothing I’ve watched on TV before in terms of scale, budget, etc. And now they’ve taken out half the cast they’ll have even more money going spare!

Nicki: Ha ha, not so many wages next season definitely. More dragon budget!


Jo:WHO KNOWS. I seem to say this a lot these days.

Nicki: I feel like it's wide open, and I like it.

Jo: Jon will be preparing to take on the Night’s King… Judging by his skill so far, Littlefinger will probably move on to the old yawn and stretch arm around Sansa technique, Arya will move on to the next person on her list…

Nicki: But phew, excellent episode. Good luck other TV shows.

Jo: Yes, don’t hold out for any Emmys this year.

Nicki: Game of Thrones wins for all of it. No one else bothers to turn up. And everyone wears chains on the red carpet, sigh.

Cersei on the iron throne

Cersei: bringing chains back. Image from Imgur

How long will Cersei be on the throne? Will Jaime add queen slayer to his CV or will Arya get there first? Will Daenerys make it to Westeros this century? What are the White Walkers up to? Most importantly, when will Littlefinger buy Sansa a hawk? Let us know your theories in the comments. Only 10 months to go…