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Game of Thrones: Episode 6 – Blood of my Blood

Game of Thrones - Margaery working that smock

Image from HBO

This week's Game of Thrones chat is a little later than usual but to be honest we've spent most of today convinced it's Monday. Bank Holidays: equally pleasing and confusing every time.

Also, we're not sure if it was because we stayed up until 2am to watch this episode but we found Jaime's horse riding skills amazingly funny. Is it just us? It's probably just us. Anyway, skip on up the steps and join us for another discussion. And remember - spoilers.

Nicki: I came up with a new and improved episode name - “Your uncle is still alive!”

Jo: That and “Yes book readers, we are sending Jaime to the Riverlands.”

Nicki: But Jaime is not angry at Cersei like in the books. I wonder why they’ve not included that.

Jo: Unless when he’s angry he mouth kisses her some more. Ah, twincest.

Nicki: Least there was no coffin in the background this time. They got to have another “we-are-Lannisters-and-we-will-make-them-pay-for-what-they-have-done” chat too. They do love those.

Jo: One thing we must flag up: Jaime riding his horse up those steps. I'm not sure if it was the tiredness from watching it at 2am but I found his horsemanship HILARIOUS.

Nicki: I know! Why was that funny? I rewound it to watch again.

Jo: Watch me swoosh my horse this way, then that way, then UP THE STEPS.

Jaime pony

“Pony, pony, pony, pony, pony, pony.”

Nicki: Tommen robbed us of a big fight!

Jo: I wanted to throw things at him for being such a plank. Sparrow dude was openly goading Jaime and yet Tommen was stood there like ‘I have made good decisions, I am doing much good adulting'.

Nicki: ‘I have learnt to speak in a firmer manner - you will be convinced I know what I am doing.’

Sorry pervs, nothing for you

Jo: How is it that Margaery can look so good in a shapeless smock? Seems unfair.

Nicki: Yeah, but then I had to laugh about the amount of boys disappointed that she never took the smock off! Aw, sorry perverts.

Jo: No boobs for you this week.

Nicki: Speaking of nudity, when the play came back I was nervous there might be ‘surprise penis’ again.

Jo: I think I love the play. I hope when Game of Thrones finishes the entire last episode is them acting it all out.

Nicki: Scrap the ep 9 fight scene for a Braavos play?

Jo: Well, maybe keep the episode 9 one, but they could use them as a nice way to wrap up episode 10. Then George RR Martin could come out at the end and take a bow.

Nicki: I liked Arya's face watching the play. She's off to make a waif-kebab next episode I hope!

Jo: She’s gonna stick her with the pointy end.

Nicki: Yay for her and for Needle and for HAVING MORALS.


Nicki: So this was the let's get people ready episode.

Jo: Yup, lots of moving into place. But most importantly, Arya and Daenerys finally both seem to be on their way back to Westeros.



Nicki: Why does Daario always look so confused when Daenerys is rallying the troops? He says something like “you are a conqueror” then looks freaked out.

Jo: I think his mind is blown by her constantly doing awesome things.

Nicki: Bless him. He was like “When the other two rock up, I can ride one right?"

Jo: Wonder what the other two are up to?

Nicki: Eating goats, growing big and strong, getting a tan.

Jo: They have been stuck indoors, not good for the complexion.

Double dose of douche

Nicki: So I don’t have much to say about the whole Sam/Gilly/Sam’s family scenes. I just liked him stealing the sword. Do you think he’ll be like “Jon! Jon I have one now too!

Jo: Stealing the sword was pretty cool, that makes him pretty important in the storyline now I’d say. Randyll Tarly deserved it, he was as big a douche as I expected.

Nicki: Yeah, he and Walder were our dose of awful people for the week.

Jo: Oh god, the Frays. I’m still angry at them for the Red Wedding (although isn't everyone).

Nicki: That whole scene made me laugh though. They didn’t really achieve anything from that whole horrible situation other than having Edmure all locked up but they are convinced they are really in the game! I want to pat them and the Greyjoys on the head.

Jo: I liked how his whole talk was basically a catch up for viewers on what happened: “Remind him of the sword you used to KILL ROBB STARK, his PREGNANT WIFE, and his mother CAITLYN STARK at the RED WEDDING. REMEMBER VIEWERS? THE RED WEDDING. WHERE WE KILLED THEM ALL.

Nicki: LIKE WE COULD FORGET! I missed Tormund this week.

Jo: Me too. I miss Tormund every day. He is in next week’s episode though so the swooning may recommence.

Nicki: Yay!

Ok, we didn't see that coming

Jo: We were wrong about the High Sparrow stuff. We predicted a fight. There was no fight. Nothing happened except we wanted to kick everyone.

Nicki: No they teased us with horses and armies in the trailer and it was all just Jamie doing his gymkhana.

Jo: Still funny.

Nicki: I didn’t think Margaery would choose the faith, but I’m not really convinced she has.

Jo: I don’t think she has.

Nicki: I’d like to know her game plan!

Jo: She said something to Tommen which made me think she’s playing a longer game... something about everyone getting what’s due to them eventually.

Nicki: I hope that starts to play out this season.

We totally called it

Nicki: We predicted dragon. Just because we like dragons really, but still counts.

Jo: We did call Benjen! I mean, we cheated by checking IMDB, but we did call it.

Nicki: He seems to be Coldhands too, now he is all part-wight and a bit flaky.

Jo:Which is interesting because GRRM has said so many times that they’re not the same person.

Nicki: Oh yeah. More TV show compacting maybe?

Jo: Possibly? Or more bluffing. Even if he isn't Coldhands in the book, I suppose it makes more sense for TV to combine them. And not have him riding an elk :/


Nicki: Did you watch the new trailer?

Jo: I actually did for once. Jamie has zoomed over to the Riverlands which is good - bringing some leftover book plots into play.

Nicki: Jamie/Brienne reunion! And Bronn! I get to play my ‘Drink if you see Robson or Jerome™’ game again!

The Mad King

Burn them all!

Jo: So this article shows what Bran saw in his visions. It's pretty interesting. I missed a lot of this, especially the dragon shadow over King’s Landing. BURN THEM ALL!

Nicki: Yes! It all went very quickly.

Jo: So are we betting on King’s Landing being blown up in future?

Nicki: Looks likely, but who would do it? Cersei in a ‘if I can't have it no one will’ rage?

Jo: Maybe, what’s she got to lose?

Nicki: If Tommen dies, probably nothing.

Jo: Did you clock the mention of the Brotherhood without Banners in the trailer too?

Nicki: Oo no I didn't?

Jo: They’re out causing trouble around the Riverlands. Seems unlikely they’d drop a reference to them without intending on featuring them again at some point but that might be wishful thinking… we might just get Lady S.

Nicki: I think the producers have been bluffing - I think Lady Stoneheart will appear. This has been the season of giving us what we want. (Apart from inappropriate penis). Might not be fun times for Pod if they do go back to the books though.

Jo: It makes sense to have her appear now, after Jon’s been resurrected and we’ve seen wights/what the Children of the Forest can do, but it’s very late in the game.

Nicki: We’ll put it out there that we think she’ll appear.

Jo: Let’s be brave! I mean, we’re never wrong.

Nicki: Just every week.

Overall we thought this was a pretty solid episode, even if it did feel a little slower than previous weeks and had a serious lack of Tormund. What did you think of it? Let us know in the comments below. BURN THEM ALL!