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Game of Thrones: Episode 7 – The Broken Man

Game of Thrones - Ian McShane as Brother Ray

"What do you mean I'm only in one episode?" Image from HBO

Don't be too alarmed but there are only three episodes of Game of Thrones to go. Three! It seemed like just yesterday we were camped on our sofas at 2am singing 'DUUUN DUUUN DUNDUNDUUUN DUUUN' at our screens and wondering if this would be the series we'd see Daenerys head for Westeros. Oh no, wait, that WAS yesterday. (Jokes! But seriously Dany, it's time for you to get moving ok?)

This week was another quieter and more strategic episode but it still managed to squeeze in a couple of shocks. Honestly, if this is the level we're at for the quiet episodes we may well implode come episode nine. Read on for our dissection of episode seven but, as always, remember that everything we write is full of spoilers. And nonsense.

Nicki: Another quiet-ish but still eventful episode. Does it all feel a bit ominous to you? I can feel it building to terrible things.

Jo: Definitely. Interesting that they went straight into the action before the credits so they could reveal The Hound to us. Although I think we all knew he was coming back, it was just a case of when.

Nicki: Yes, I didn’t think I had the right program at first! No credits and people looked happy at work.

Jo: I know, I loved them for doing that! Such a funny, knowing way to start it - hang on a minute, is this GoT? No credits... and people are happy! Oh no wait, they're all dead. Right show all along.

Nicki: Ah yes, back on track. You’re happy? We’ll soon sort that right out. The Hound might be thinking violence isn’t the answer? Boom.

Jo: Ian McShane’s character didn’t last long. I thought he was really good, it's a shame he won’t be around longer.

Nicki: Nope, quite the cameo role, there just to give the Hound more rage. Like he needed it.

Jo: But it did bring us a double whammy of excitement. We get the Hound back and we get THE BROTHERHOOD. Not that I trust the show at all, but if we have the Brotherhood out killing and hanging people then it’s looking a lot more likely that a certain Lady S might be with them.

Nicki: I really think we will. My theory is that’s why they were so quick with bringing Jon back. They are like, we have Lady S. Maybe this will be the big episode nine event, rather than a huge battle?

Jo: Brienne is tied in to her story too, and we know that she’s in the Riverlands as of next episode... It could be a very nice end to the season. Might get a hanging cliffhanger!

Nicki: I think so. ALL THE CGI BUDGET for Lady S.

Jon and Sansa should never go on the Apprentice

Nicki: Jon isn’t getting a massive army for a Bolton showdown anytime soon! He is rubbish at rallying.

Jo: He will if Sansa’s penpal turns out to be Littlefinger. Her letter was much shorter than Ramsay's crayon effort. But yes, Davos won over the Mormonts. Tormund ( <3 ) won over the wildlings. Basically Jon and Sansa got nothing. They were the equivalent of the team in the Apprentice that's always really bad at selling.

Nicki: Ha ha, yes! And in another Sansa’s magic drawer moment, where’d she get that Stark seal from anyhow?

Jo: Took it in her craft box.

Nicki: With her sequins and leatherwork tools. Sansa: always prepared. We have to of course then talk about tiny Child Lady, Lyanna Mormont. LOVE HER. She gives no shits.

Jo: None. At. All.

Nicki: I liked the Davos moment, I think he could relate to her because of Shireen. Sobs. Season six Davos is the best Davos.

Jo: It was a nice touch. Surely he’ll hear about Shireen soon? They’re back at the camp where she was burned, right?

Nicki: Yes. He'll be broken.

A Lannister always pays his... *snore*

Nicki: Over to King's Landing...

Jo: Lady Olenna. Bringing the smackdowns.

Nicki: She had THE best line: I wonder if you’re the worst person I’ve ever met?

Jo: Harsh (but funny). Getting strong ‘burn them all’ vibes from Cersei now. She’s been reminded that she has no one left around her.

Nicki: She actually looked rattled for once. At least we found out that the Oscar-worthy performance from Margarey is just a facade.

Jo: We always suspected it was.

Nicki: Yup, but she almost convinced me!

Jo: I'm looking forward to seeing what she has planned. She definitely shouldn't be underestimated.

Jaime and Bronn reunited

Jaime and Bronn: busy thinking up peen jokes. Image from HBO.

Nicki: Then we got to follow Jaime out to Riverrun for some old-school Jaime and Bronn banter. Bronn kicking things off straight away with a penis joke, showing he has caught up with what season six is really about.

Jo: And being so over hearing about Lannisters paying their debts. He was all like, yeah, whatevs, heard it before.

Nicki: Because it’s not worth a damn thing anymore. No castle and high-born lady for Bronn yet, eh Jaime? Also my other fav line from this episode: Sieges are dull.. Yes. Yes they are.

Jo: Jaime, on the other hand, is much more fun when he’s not around Cersei.

Nicki: Yeah, he really is. He's all smug and Jaime-like again. Not happy about his ‘doing it all for Cersei’ line in next week's trailer though.

Jo: I think that’s for the sake of things to come. I'm still convinced she’s going to do something that’ll drive them apart...


Nicki: Arya then… I was shouting at her that it wasn’t an old lady and to run already.

Jo: Did make me laugh that the first response I saw on Twitter was “STOP STABBING STARKS”. Quite.

Nicki: She’s pretty badly injured though, I wasn’t expecting that. I was expecting her to needle the Waif.

Jo: Do you think there’s more going on with Arya and the Waif? As per usual, the rumour mills have gone into overdrive and are suggesting that Jaqen is testing them both somehow.

Nicki: Hmm, I don’t know. Sometimes it’s just simple. I think it’s more likely that next week he’ll help her.

Jo: I do wonder if it’s one last test for her, and for the Waif. Her feelings towards Arya are not really in line with the approach of the Many-faced God. But like you say, it might be a simple explanation. I just feel like Jaqen sees something in her and expected this to happen, but we’ll see next week, I guess.

Nicki: Yeah, I’m really not sure. There needs to be a reason she went there. It can’t just be the training surely? I think there is something else to it and she’s going to get something to help her when she returns to Westeros, but I’m not sure what that will be. Because she’s not going back to fight with sticks is she?

Jo: She needs the ability to change faces, which she doesn’t have yet. Still more power-ups to collect.

Nicki: Yes. She cannot level up yet!

Jo: Not quite ready for the final boss level.

Lyanna Mormont.

Lyanna Mormont. It is known. Image from Hello Giggles.

Ok, we didn't see that coming

Jo: Well, we didn’t predict Arya would be kebabed in the street but apart from that, we’ve done pretty well with our guesses. We seem to be picking out the long-term things rather than what’ll turn up each episode. Like, we said the Hound would be back but not when.

Nicki: I think it’s the little moments they’ve thrown in that have tripped us up more. We did not predict the Stark world tour would go quite as badly.

Jo: No, or that Sansa would be getting her craft supplies out again so soon.

Nicki: Maybe Littlefinger gifted her a Mary Poppins bag once? “Oh Jon, look, I have an army in here!”

We totally called it

Jo: A lot actually - we said Jaime would head to the Riverlands but that’s come straight from the books. We also didn’t believe Margaery was following the faith. And the casual Brotherhood without Banners mentions did turn into something more. But King’s Landing hasn’t been blown up. Yet.

Nicki: To be fair, the trailer gave us lots of hints but a few things didn’t happen in this episode. Like I said it all just feels like it's building to something big - this is definitely the quiet before the storm.

Jo: I think we mentioned that Yara and Theon would try to get to Daenerys first too (although that also seemed obvious).

Nicki: We did. Be interesting to see them together. Complete opposites.

Jo: Depends on whether Euron’s 24 random blokes have built him 1000 ships yet so he can get there first.

He’s had a week now, probably has 500 already.

When it first started I thought the people chopping wood were the ship builders. I was like, YAY 1000 SHIPS ALREADY.

Nicki: Just Euron wandering into scene, going “…and 999… 1000!”

Jo: “Sweet, let’s sail to Meereen, that should take, what? One advert break?”

Nicki: I honestly hope next episode we are back with him and he’s standing on a ship with the wind in his hair. Time really has no meaning in GoT anymore. Realistically the last episode of the whole series should be... The battle's over, the game of thrones has been won. Cut to Euron: he’s just finished his first ship. “Aw, it's over? I wasn't ready!”

Jo: He sails in to Meereen after everybody’s left, realises, then has a tantrum and stamps on his little wooden crown.

Nicki: And... scene.


Jo: It looks like next week is back to being action-packed.

Nicki: Yes. VIOLENCE.

Jo: Jaime and Brienne reunited. Arya vs the Waif.

Nicki: The “I choose violence” line!

Jo: Yup! The last scene of the trailer looks like some poor member of the Faith about to be smooshed by the Mountain. SMOOOOOOSH.

Nicki: Bound to be a death to rival eyeball squishing - we just expect it now.

Jo: Also Tyrion’s back from the trailer, so I wonder if we’ll have Dany’s return?

Nicki: Looks like he was troubled by some loud noise. Drogon parking up on the Meereen helipad?

Jo: Hopefully so, or maybe the other two.

Nicki: So, maybe the cliffhanger next episode will be the Lady S reveal, ready for the big episode 9 events?

Jo: There's a shot of the Hound swinging an axe into someone’s head in the trailer, but I still think they’ll hold off on any Lady S action until episode 10. Winterfell will be the big episode 9 battle. It has to be. They’ll go ahead and march, then probably be saved by unexpected support from Littlefinger. I can't think who else Sansa would write to.

Nicki: No I think you are correct, he’s shown to be er, relatively trustworthy with his Riverrun info so I think he’ll turn up. Plus, guilt.

Jo: Some telling cast members though... Thoros of Myr is listed for next week ;) No sign of Beric Dondarrion but they do tend to keep some names out until after it's broadcast.

Nicki: Oo it’s definitely happening. I’m going to stick my neck out and say we may see Lady S next episode, or some glimpse... They’ll do their best to keep this completely quiet if they are doing it.

Jo: Whatever happens, it looks like there’ll be lot going on.

Nicki: Yes, I’m sure there will be some surprises too, we’ve had them every episode. I like it!

Jo: We should probably predict a penis joke too, then at least we know we’ll be right about something.

Will Lady S make an appearance next week? Will Arya escape the Waif? Will Sansa start a craft group? Let us know what you think!